The Piano Music Of Ryan Francis

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On this specially curated week of Hammered! we spotlight a new album of piano music by New York-based composer Ryan Anthony Francis. The record features Bang On A Can pianist Vicky Chow, who, with Francis, joins Hammered! throughout the week with insights on this exquisite new body of piano music.

Today we press play on this new disc and give it a full audition.

The complete track listing:

  1. Six Etudes for Piano (2007-2008): Digital Sustain, Harlequin, La Fée Verte, Doppelgänger, Jacob's Ladder, Loop
  2. Consolations (2004) 
  3. Wind-Up Bird Preludes (2005-2010): Overture, Eternal Half-Moon, Empty Guitar Case, Bird As Prophet, What Happened In The Night I, Birdcatcher, What Happened In The Night II, Goodbye
  4. Moonlight Fantasy (2001): Evocation, Flight, Interlude, Nocturne, Night Creatures, ...Into The Abyss, Reverie

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Thanks to Ryan Francis and Vicky Chow for their generosity and cooperation!