Hope Springs Atonal

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Whether you're atonal, bitonal, polytonal, or just tonally curious, you'll love Hope Springs Atonal. Join Nadia Sirota weekdays at 1 a.m. and p.m. for Q2's explorative feature devoted to the high-octane world of post-tonal music.

From Xenakis to Stockhausen, Messiaen to Mackey, Nadia provides an accessible entrée into this exciting repertoire, serving as a guide and fellow traveler through a still-largely uncharted musical terrain, ripe for exploration.

Hope Springs Atonal kicks off this week with Répons by Pierre Boulez, but will also feature Toru Takemitsu, Mari Kimura, John Luther Adams, Conlon Nancarrow, among many others. Upcoming themes include chance-based music, microtonality, collage, and good old-fashioned serialism.

Hope Springs Atonal will air during Nadia Sirota on Q2, which runs from 12-4, both a.m. and p.m. Send us your thoughts about the program and suggestions for your favorite composers who, until now, have not been heard on the radio.