Eine Kline Nachtmusik

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If Palestrina had a boombox, he would be Phil Kline. The man who has turned the Lower East Side into a concert hall every December as part of Unsilent Night and has set to music texts from the Zippo lighters of Vietnam War soldiers also, it turns out, has a scary talent for writing sacred music.

Our parent station WNYC proved this in 2006 when they commissioned Kline's John the Revelator, a modern mass designed for the cathedral-like space of the Winter Garden. And even though I'm of the wrong religious persuasion, I've been finding special resonance in this work coming off of Holy Week (and, for my team, Passover).

On May 3, Kline adds another feather in his cap when he curates NYFOS Next, a New Music arm of the New York Festival Song and part of the Baryshnikov Arts Center's Movado Hour. Joining Kline are three generations of contemporary composers with an alarming talent for writing vocal works, including Meredith Monk, friend of the show David Lang and our postmodern Schubert, Corey Dargel.

Dargel joins us online at 4 pm for a live chat about writing for the voice and performing as a vocalist -- and how those two components coalesce in works like Removable Parts, which was featured on Dargel's 2010 album for New Amsterdam, Someone Will Take Care of Me. Join us in window below, tweet your comments and/or questions beforehand with the hashtag #q2new, or leave them as comments at the bottom of the page.

We'll hear Removable Parts -- an opus that is the culmination of extensive research on Dargel's part and speaks to how we navigate relationships (not to mention art song) in the 21st Century. It's one half of Dargel's splendid 2010 release, Someone Will Take Care of Me, which is Q2's Album of the Week (you can nab a free download from this disc below). Also on the menu is a special live recording from the 2009 Bang on a Can Marathon of Kline's John the Revelator, designed to appeal to saints and sinners alike.