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This week on The New Canon, David T. Little, composer and executive director of the Music at the Anthology (MATA) festival, jumps into the chat to talk more about the festival and the works at this weekend's concerts. David will be joined by French composer and bassist Florent Ghys, who is featured in the festival this year. Get into the groove in the chat window below or via Twitter with the hashtag #q2new. Want to get a head start? Leave your questions for David and Florent in the comments below.

It's generally agreed upon that age 13 is the first marker of adulthood. At 13, Jews get bar and bat mitzvahed, Christians get confirmed, and Scotch whisky starts to taste really good (and gets really expensive). And yet some things, like the MATA Festival, never age. Since 1996, MATA—the brain-child of Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky and Lisa Bielawa—has been promoting composers under 40. For the past 13 years, that has culminated with a four-day festival of works; some freshly-commissioned, many new, and generally all satisfying. What we have this week is perhaps the equivalent of throwing MATA up on a chair and dancing the horah around it with a multifarious cross-section of works by composers and performers featured in this year's festival lineup (running May 9 through 12 at (Le) Poisson Rouge). 

And we have so much music for you to feast on: MATA commissionee Angelica Négron (whose work, FONO, will be performed by the 40-member chorus of Cantori NY on May 11) casts a spell with her work for Janus, Drawings for Meyoko. I'm also really excited to spin some selections from Ghys's newest EP (and Q2's Album of the Week), Baroque Tardif: Soli, a quirky work that exemplifies Ghys's myriad curiosities. Starting Monday, you can also grab a free download from the EP below.

Florent Ghys - Soli

Meanwhile, electric-guitar quartet Dither (which also play on the 11th alongside friend of the show Corey Dargel) get a head-start on Ghys's Gallic charm with Joshua Lopes's Pantagruel. And before the Metropolis Ensemble closes out our hour with an Avner Dorman concerto off their Grammy-nominated album for Naxos, we'll also hear from Little himself in a live performance from the equally top-notch Ecstatic Music Festival.