As Much Awesome As Possible

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After a truly fabulous end-of-the-season run (our first pledge drive! MATA and VOX and Wordless, oh my!), I am taking a little June hiatus to go concertize and record around Europe. Rest assured, I'll be reporting back with exclusive videos and anecdotes from various projects, (cough, Nico Muhly's first opera, cough), so I won't be divorced from planet Q2, but I figured I'd take this week to play some of my favorite things (in Oprah's absence). One of these, apparently, is absurd overuse of parenthetical phrases in writing (I could switch to footnotes? Something something David Foster Wallace).

There will be Messiaen's Turangalila-Symphonie. There will be Boulez's Répons. This week will have as much awesome as possible. This is a good week.

I will miss you guys! But I'll keep up, maybe I'll write postcards? (OMG, I'm gonna write postcards!) Happy summer!! Meanwhile, let's all think about how amazing it would have been to be at this thing.