Something Borrowed

Week One: Pianist, pedagogue and new music guru Bruce Brubaker takes the curatorial reins for June

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Few pianists have proven themselves to be more programmatically inventive and musically provocative than this month's Hammered! pianist-in-residence, Bruce Brubaker. Open your ears all June for a month's worth of programs specially curated for Q2 by one of today's most intriguing contemporary artists.

In each of Brubaker's four week-long programs, the distinguished concert pianist, New England Conservatory faculty member and new music Jedi examines a series of endlessly fascinating themes and offers 1,200 minutes of music that is almost entirely new to Q2.

Each week will include a hosted Monday show and program note from Brubaker, and we'll also offer exclusive music videos recorded live by Brubaker of works by Philip Glass and John Cage

Tune in all month for what promises to be an illuminating, sometimes quirky and altogether fascinating dive into the curatorial mind of Bruce Brubaker.

The Month Of The Bruce: Something Borrowed | Drone | Portal | The Raw And The Cooked

Week One: "Something Borrowed" | by Bruce Brubaker

In music today there’s so much borrowing, appropriation, even theft! Maybe we need different ideas about stealing, or artistic property? (We won’t even talk about copyright.) Post-production art is the making of pathways, more than creating—the MC doing a remix, more than the “capital-c” Composer handing down a masterpiece from the mountain top.

What’s left to say or make, if everything’s already been said and made? And besides, the whole idea of “creating” music is recent. Mr. Bach would certainly say (in English!), “I’m just a musician. It’s God who creates things.”

So this week on Hammered!, “Something Borrowed.” Sartorial advice for the bride, and now a major motion picture. It’s not surprising composers borrow or steal so much—if you consider that we’re all just adding to a big collective artwork.

We hear piano music with literal borrowings: George Crumb taking Frederic Chopin, George Rochberg framing Johann Sebastian Bach, Hans Werner Henze rifling Johannes Brahms. And there will be more subtle allusions, hints, shared lexia, intertexts ...

Hosted by:

Bruce Brubaker

Comments [8]

A.Ramon Rivera from Boston

What a wonderful gift ! thank you for sharing these with me .

Jul. 21 2011 08:54 PM

@George @Alan, We have adjusted the drop in volume and uploaded a louder version for your on-demand listening pleasure. We apologize for the delay, but hope you enjoy!

Jun. 10 2011 01:07 PM
Alan Levitan from Cambridge, MA

Bruce, I just found your hosting through a NEC link sent to me this evening. I'm having the same trouble as the preceding emailer, i.e., the sound is very soft though I'm listening on excellent speakers. Can Q2 do something about this, or should I switch to the QE 2 and just cruise through the Atlantic? (P.S. I'm still mazurka-ing.)

Jun. 09 2011 07:30 PM
george Katz from San Diego, CA

I have computer speakers at max volume (they are very strong!) but you
are coming over very faintly. Judging by other recorded material, it must be the level of output at point of origin.

Jun. 09 2011 12:28 AM
Bruce Brubaker

Whether Curran knew or knows about Chopin, I never asked. I believe I don't want to know his response. (And Alvin has tended to be coy about such questions.) Shared lexia, artistic ownership, borrowing, allusion, community property -- perhaps these are not so clearly delimitable.

Jun. 07 2011 01:00 PM
nobodhi from in c

splendor! superb opening, bruce. missed some due to glitches ( will search archives ; am wondering if inner cities & the chopin mazurka link was curran's intention or your noticing influence -- what i heard w/o comment reminded me a bit of the morimur project, which is + praise ). a fan of your performance am now revelling in your programming. ( ¿ i wonder if valentin sylvestrov fits into yr index of musicians composing after every thing has seemingly already been done ... he does mine ... bagatelles, for instance ) ...

Jun. 07 2011 12:11 AM

Bruce! Welcome to Hammered and to your residency, this is great! Paderewski 1912 and George Crumb, man. Enjoying your first show, despite occasional glitchery from what Richard rightly identifies as the stream -- being worked on by Q2's ace engineers as I type. Today the glitch, tomorrow the terminology. ;-) So glad you're doing the show, great month ahead!

Jun. 06 2011 11:54 AM

So, on the main page for Hammered!,

Of course, the main page does not have a Comments utility.

the line reads, "Airs weekdays at 11AM and 11PM on Q2". This needs to be fixed. Hammered! does not "air". It never "airs". It streams. Hammered! is 21st century stuff. "Stream" is not a dirty word.

"Air" is totally irrelevant to anything that happens on Q2.

Jun. 04 2011 07:49 AM

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