Kathleen Supové

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The February 20 performance of provocative pianist, Kathleen Supové is yet another perfect episode in the ongoing, innovative Wordless Music series taking place at the Greenwich Village cabaret, (Le) Poisson Rouge. Encouraging her listeners to loosen up and "boogie down", Supové takes the audience on a journey of contemporary works ranging from Claude Debussy to Carolyn Yarnell to Randall Woolf.

Virtuoso pianist Supové is most well-known for the Exploding Piano -- a multi-media series featuring contemporary composers complete with theatrical elements and original monologues (check out this 1990 article from The New York Times explaining this series in greater depth).

Call up Kathleen Supové's concert above or listen to excerpts below, and don't forget also to explore the Q2 Live Concert archive. You can access Q2 24/7 through our pop-out audio player or iTunes.

(L)PR’s Technical Director is Richie Clarke and this concert was mixed by Bill Bowen.



Encouraging the audience to dance and move to the music, Kathleen Supové opens her set with Claude Debussy's Hommage à Rameau.

Next, Supové performs Carolyn Yarnell's The Same Sky for piano, computer, and video, a piece commissioned by Supové herself.

Supové pays hommage of her own to her husband/composer, Randall Woolf, with a performance of his piece for piano and processor, Adrenaline Revival, a work which was inspired by the mid-90s classic film, Pulp Fiction.

To complete her program, Supové performs an original improvisation based on Debussy's Feux d'Artifice, the final work in his two books of Preludes.