Like Father, Like Son

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Johann Sebastian Bach had 20 children, easily making him the most prolific composer-dad in music history. With Father's Day just around the corner, we want to know which of J.S. Bach's composer sons made him the most proud. You compared their prolific careers, decided on Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, and we played one of his symphonies today at 12 noon.


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (Listen to his Sinfonia in E-flat

  • Highest opus number: 875
  • Recordings in Arkivmusic: 386
  • Years Lived: 74
  • Top recognition: court of Frederick the Great in Berlin for 30 years
  • Types of work: keyboard, concertos, sonatinas, chamber music, wind and string sonatas, trio sonatas, symphonies, solo voice, choral

Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (Listen to his Keyboard Concerto in A)

  • Highest opus number: 19
  • Recordings in Arkivmusic: 40
  • Years Lived: 62
  • Top post: court musician in Bückeburg
  • Types of work: orchestral, chamber, keyboard, oratorios, sacred cantatas, arias, songs

Wilhelm Friedemann BachWilhelm Friedemann Bach (Listen to his Suite in G)

  • Highest opus number: 106
  • Recordings in Arkivmusic: 85
  • Years Lived: 73
  • Top post: court musician in Dresden; organist at church in Halle
  • Types of work: keyboard, concertos, chamber, orchestral, church cantatas, sacred, vocal

Johann Christian BachJohann Christian Bach (Listen to his Symphony in D)

  • Highest opus number: 358
  • Recordings in Arkivmusic: 193
  • Years Lived: 46
  • Top recognition: lessons to British royal family, commissions from Mannheim court and Academie Royale de Musique in Paris
  • Types of work: vocal, dramatic, cantatas and serenatas, symphonies, overtures, concertos, wind music, chamber music, keyboard