Collaboration! And Meet Helga Davis!

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So! I'm playing too much viola this week to host Nadia Sirota on Q2 (literally! Perennially a punch line, the word "viola" always threatens to suck seriousness out of sentences), but you are being left in the very capable hands of Ms. Helga Davis.

Helga and I used to share hosting duties on WNYC's Overnight Music and I'm thrilled to get to collaborate with her again! Helga currently hosts Overnight Music on WQXR as well as being an extraordinary vocalist and performance artist with a really unique perspective on music and the arts; I'm looking forward to hearing her take on Golijov, Nils Frahm, Jacob TV, and Samuel Barber, among other wonderful composers.

I'll be back at the board next week to explore processed speech in music, along with more post-tonal goodies on Hope Springs Atonal at 1. Have fun with Helga while I'm away!

And in the spirit of collaboration, here's LineC3 to school us all.