'Hi, I'm Nico Muhly...'

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Joining us from the BBC studios in London in advance of the world premiere of Two Boys, Nico Muhly also takes time to conduct us through a tour of the kaleidoscopic influences behind his already prodigious catalog. 

From his musical awakenings as a boy chorister singing English verse anthems to throwing together dinners for close friends to the tone rows of Webern's Op. 24, all manner of inspiration, both timeless and contemporary, sacred and secular, finds expression in his music. Through the ensemble of these exclusive introductions, we begin to appreciate the complexity of a compositional voice that is searching to define itself as both uncompromisingly modern and distinctive but also steeped in tradition and indebted to such elder statesmen as Steve Reich, John Corigliano, Philip Glass, David Lang, Christopher Rouse and David Rakowski.

Hear these introductions preceding the piece in question in Olivia Giovetti's interview with Nico Muhly Monday at noon and throughout the entire five-day festival, ENO Does Nico, beginning Monday, June 20.

A Good Understanding (2005)
SATB, trebles, percussion, organ

A Hudson Cycle (2005)

Bright Mass with Canons (2005)

By All Means (2004)
chamber orchestra

Clear Music (2003)
cello, harp, celeste

Detailed Instructions (2010)
symphony orchestra

Drones and Piano (2010)
piano and tape

Duet No. 1, "Chorale Pointing Downwards" (2003)
viola and cello

Etude 1 and Etude 1A (2009)
viola and tape

Expecting the Main Things from You (2005)
SATB, string quartet, percussion, organ

Fire Down Below (from I Drink the Air Before Me) (2009)
small ensemble

First Service (2004)

Flexible Music (2003)
marimba, saxophone, piano, guitar

Honest Music (2002)
violin and pre-recorded CD

How About Now (2006)
flute, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, bass

It Goes Without Saying (2005)
clarinet and tape

Joshua (2007)
film soundtrack

Keep in Touch (2005)
viola and tape

Motion (2009)
clarinet, string quartet, piano

Mothertongue (2008)
vocalist, electronics, small ensemble

Music Under Pressure (from I Drink the Air Before Me) (2009)
small ensemble

One Day Tells its Tale to Another (from I Drink the Air Before Me) (2009)
trebles, small ensemble, tape

The Only Tune (2008)
small ensemble

Pillaging Music (2005)
percussion, piano, celeste, tape

Quiet Music (2007)

The Reader (2008)
film soundtrack

Seeing is Believing (2007)
solo electric six-string violin and chamber orchestra

Senex Puerum Portabat (2008)

Step Team (2008)
symphony orchestra

The Storm Center (from I Drink the Air Before Me) (2009)
small ensemble

Varied Carols (from I Drink the Air Before Me) (2009)
small ensemble

Wonders (2008)
small ensemble