Details About City Opera's 2011-2012 Season Emerge

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Can City Opera survive now that it's moving from its longtime home at Lincoln Center? That's the question on the mind of many an opera lover these days. In May, the general manager and artistic director of the opera company announced the move, which was spurred by years of laggard ticket sales, budget shortfalls, and a shrinking endowment. In this week's Arts File, Kerry Nolan speaks with New York Times culture reporter Daniel Wakin about the opera company's 2011-2012 season and what the programming choices say about where the opera is headed. Wakin talked to two anonymous City Opera sources to get details of the season in advance of next Tuesday's formal announcement at the Guggenheim Museum. Wakin also weighs in on an open letter that opera stars like Placido Domingo have signed denouncing the move away from Lincoln Center.