Film Forum Celebrates Uncensored 1930s Films in "Essential Pre-Code"

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The films of the early 1930s are full of colorful characters—debonair rogues, drunks and swindlers, corrupt politicians, gangsters, molls, cads, and sultry soubrettes. This was the so-called "pre-code" era of cinema, before censorship took the bite out of dialogue and stripped the sex, sass, and criminality out of storylines. It all changed in 1934 when a new organization with a puritanical bent began to to enforce the code and oversee which talkies and which scenes made it on to the silver screen. Movie-lovers can see 50 of these uncensored classics at the Film Forum in Lower Manhattan starting Friday, July 15th. In this week's Arts File, Kerry Nolan talks with film historian and critic Jaime Christley about the series "Essential Pre-Code."