The Ossia Symphony Orchestra

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The Ossia Symphony Orchestra (OSO) is a relative newcomer to the New York music scene though already it is at home both in the spotlight on stage and in the classrooms of inner-city schools. This performance on July 27 highlights OSO's performing talents at (Le) Poisson Rouge in a concert featuring the works of Kono Michi, Michael Gatonska, Kate Bush and Theo Bleckmann. Michi and Bleckmann are featured soloists and the group is led by Orlando Alonso.

With the presence of music education dwindling in the public school system, the Ossia Symphony Orchestra saw a need and leapt to the rescue. Founded in 2008 by artistic director, Orlando Alonso, the orchestra's goals are simple: to perform concerts and to educate youth about classical music. In addition to re-establishing orchestral and ensemble playing within schools, professional musicians in OSO provide lessons for inner-city youth with the intention of helping students gain admittance into the music school of their choice.

Don't forget to poke around the Q2 Live Concert archive for more exciting live performances at your fingertips. You can access Q2 24/7 through our pop-out audio player or iTunes. (L)PR’s Technical Director is Richie Clarke. The recording was engineered and mixed by Paul Occhialini at Orange Sound Studios and produced by Rubin Kodheli.

Kono Michi's Set(Ossia)

Kono Michi, vocals/violin

Kono Michi: Sea Song
Cherry Blossoms
I Borrow Midnight
Beneath a Wine Barrel
Festival of Souls

Michael Gatonska's Dope and Shove (A Holiday Shopping Overture) and Rubin Kodheli's Jungle (Ossia)

Theo Bleckmann's Set (Ossia)

Theo Bleckmann, vocalist

Kate Bush, arr. Theo Bleckmann: A Dream of Sheep/Under Ice
Theo Bleckmann: If I Should Die
Rubin Kodheli: Nightingale