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JacobTV provides personalized introductions to many of his controversial and innovative works and in doing so offers a rare, exclusive insight into the creative process of one of today's most daring composers.  

You can hear JacobTV's comments throughout the JacobTV on the Radio festival followed by the pieces in question, from his boombox works, such as Jesus is Coming and Grab it!, through his portraits of pop icons Billie Holliday and Marilyn Monroe and his transformation of politcal and advertising sloganeering to the monumental oratorio Paradiso. Hear the introductions in their entirety here, as part of Q2's permanent, on-demand tribute to JacobTV.

For more information on JacobTV on CD+DVD, go to www.bastamusic.com.

Able to beAble to be (2005)
quartet, soundtrack, soprano, electric violin, flutes, percussion

BillieBillie (2003)
alto saxophone and soundtrack

The Body of Your DreamsThe Body of Your Dreams (2003-2005)
two guitars and boombox

BukuBuku (2006)
alto saxophone and soundtrack

Concerto for Piano and StringsConcerto for Piano and String Orchestra (1993)
piano and orchestra

The Garden of LoveThe Garden of Love (2001)
soprano saxophone and soundtrack

GoldrushGoldrush (1995)
percussion duo

Goldrush ConcertoGoldrush Concerto (1997, rev. 1999)
percussion duo and orchestra

Grab it!Grab it! (1999)
orig. tenor saxophone and soundtrack

Gulf WarGulf War (1998)

HeartbreakersHeartbreakers (1982)
orig. jazz sextet and soundtracks, with video

Jesus is ComingJesus is Coming (2003)
saxophone/trombone quartet and soundtrack

May This Bliss Never EndMay This Bliss Never End (1996)
orig. cello and piano

Nivea Hair Care Styling MousseNivea Hair Care Styling Mousse (1999)
piano trio

Piano Concerto No. 2, "Sky Falling"Piano Concerto No. 2, "Sky Falling" (2008)
piano and orchestra

ParadisoParadiso (2000)
soprano, tenor, sampler, women's choir, and orchestra

Postnuclear WinterscenarioPostnuclear Winterscenario No. 1 (1991)
orig. piano

Rainbow ConcertoRainbow Concerto (2002)
cello and orchestra

The Shining CityThe Shining City (2002)
grand organ, percussion, and soundtrack

Les Soupirs de RameauLes Soupirs de Rameau (1995)
harpsichord, soundtrack, and images

String Quartet No. 3, "there must be some way out of here"String Quartet No. 3, "there must be some way out of here" (1995)
string quartet

Tallahatchie ConcertoTallahatchie Concerto (2001)
alto saxophone

TocattaTatatata (1998)
viola and boombox

ToccataToccata (1988)

13 in 1213 in 12 (1977)
clarinet, flutes, vibes, and double bass

Cello photo: Flickr/schoeband