JacobTV on Television

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What would a JacobTV festival be without, well, internet TV? As part of JacobTV on the Radio, we're happy to offer videos covering a wide-range of JacobTV's output. Included below, you'll find an introduction to the specific talent of JacobTV's collage technique; the first section from the monumental, multimedia piece Paradiso which had its premiere on September 12, 2001; but first, Small Pop, a first draft preview of JacobTV's upcoming and ever-ongoing opera, The News.

To see more videos from a comprehesive archive of live concerts and ambitious multimedia performances, visit JacobTV's YouTube channel, that of his collaborator, Jan Willem Looze, or JacobTV's video homepage.

Small Pop: The first draft preview of JacobTV's in-process opera, The News. Videos by Kristien Kerstens.

Young American visual artist, Amber Boardman, recently finished video to The Garden of Love. Learn more about Amber Boardman here.

Recent clips of the new JacobTV Band performing the song "Cities Changes the Songs of Birds." Listener discretion is advised as this clip contains strong language. 

Another side of JacobTV can be heard in this excerpt from Mountain Top,  a piece based on the famous last speech of Martin Luther King, Jr. and premiered in 2008 at the Concertgebouw by the Netherlands Chamber Choir. (Dutch Television NPS)

An introduction and overview to the particular, all-inclusive talent of Dutch avant-pop composer, JacobTV, with special guest Kevin Gallagher.

Heaven on Earth: Video accompaniment by Studio Drupsteen, Claren McFadden and Tom Allen to the fifth movement of JacobTV's magnum opus, Paradiso. For the premiere in the Netherlands on September 12, 2001, the piece was preceded by an extended silence and, at the request of the performers, followed by no applause.