Toy Pianos 'R' Us

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Clarinetist Moran Katz has made the rounds as soloist and chamber musician, including winning the Freiburg International Clarinet Competition and spending summers at Marlboro. She and her sister share their familial talents with pianist Amy J. Yang, traversing musical ground from Schumann to Leonard Bernstein. Yang is a both an accomplished soloist as well as collaborator and boasts accomplishments from both solo and chamber music realms, as well.  

In contrast to these traditional instruments, Phyllis Chen will be playing the toy piano. Don’t underestimate the name, though. She has taken this small instrument to big places including many international festivals and a coveted spot on the roster of Concert Artists Guild. Paradoxically, she has helped to expand the scope of piano playing by shrinking the instrument.  

Schumann – In Beautiful May  (Linor Katz, cello;  Amy J. Yang, piano)

Bernstein - Clarinet and Piano Sonata, 1952  (Moran Katz, clarinet;  Amy J. Yang, piano)

Wolf – Farewell  (Linor Katz, cello;  Amy J. Yang, piano)

Tchaikovsky – Lensky’s Aria  (Linor Katz, cello;  Amy J. Yang, piano)

Stephen Montague – A Tarantella for Toy Piano, 1995  (Phyllis Chen, toy piano)

Phyllis Chen - Double Helix & Coulure  (Phyllis Chen, toy piano)

Fabian Svennson – Toy Toccata  (Phyllis Chen, toy piano)