What's On Tap at NYC Museums?

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This fall, there are three major art shows on at three of New York City's art museums.

In a special arts report on WQXR, Lee Rosenbaum, a culture critic at The Wall Street Journal who also blogs about art as "CultureGrrl" at ArtsJournal.com, talks to WNYC's Kerry Nolan about Bauhaus at the Museum of Modern Art, Georgia O'Keeffe's Abstraction exhibit at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, and Kandinsky at the Guggenheim.

"We know Georgia O'Keeffe very much for her floral paintings and her landscapes," Rosenbaum says in reference to one of the shows up in New York City now. "But the Whitney has taken a different tack. It's giving us, again, abstractions. These are works that may be derived from flowers, landscapes, in some cases, but they've been very much abstracted into form, color, swirling sensuous design, and in some cases, totally abstract."