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Summer Festivals are simply the best thing. My parents taught at BUTI when I was a little kid, and aside from two slightly horrifying summers at Girl Scout camp (where I did, incidentally, at least learn how to sail a Sunfish), I spent every summer of my life through age 24 at a music festival. It’s all about chamber music and picnicking, it really is.

Due to these music camp-y proclivities, I became super excited when I heard about Philip Glass’s new music festival in Big Sur, the Days and Nights festival. Given that their first ever concert was this past Friday, it seemed fitting to celebrate the end of festival season and the birth of a new festival with a week dedicated to the Days & Nights fest.

Philip Glass. Philip Glass, for as long as I’ve been working in radio, has inspired more weighted opinions from listeners, both positive and negative, than any other composer. Hands-down. Whatever you think of his work, you must give him credit for precipitating a really interesting dialogue about art. Philip Glass has also, notably, fostered an incredibly vital community of composers and performers around him. Part of a generation notable for the fierce individualism of its composers, Philip was almost anachronistic in his support of other creatives. This week’ll feature Philip, but also the wonderful musicians in his circle, members of the Philip Glass ensemble, assistants and enthusiasts. 

In my opinion, Philip Glass is one of the most influential artists of the past 50 years. What do you think? How would our musical and artistic landscape differ without Philip?

Thanks @Richard from New York for the video find! I'm including it directly below: