Practicing What They Preach

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So I’m currently tropical storm-stranded in Vermont. I had several intricate travel ideas which were aborted in turn and now I’ve found myself extremely far uptown the day after a friend’s birthday party/lamb roast in an absurdly idyllic setting made all the more romantic by torrential rainfalls and book reading and red wine-drinking and the consuming of the livers of some very giving chickens. There are worse things. 

In advance of hurricane-pocalypse, I’d recorded a pair of shows to ensure your continuous listening pleasure, exploring the lovely creature known as the composer/performer. And good thing I did! There are crazy road closures and bridges are being brushed away by flash floods and hopefully I can get back to New York on Monday but maybe Tuesday seems more likely?

Anyway, composer/performers are my favorite. It’s incredible to watch someone see a work of art through from inception to performance. I am also, p.s., obsessed with interpretation, but still, composers who can “practice what they preach” are lovely to watch in action.

This week’ll be full of Derek Bermels and Nico Muhlys and Colin Jacobsens and Missy Mazzolis. Which composer-performer would you like to hear more from? Maybe we can get all of your favorites into the programming later on this week!