David Del Tredici Performs Missing Towers

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There are only a few, fleeting moments when one feels instantly thrust in to history. How does a seasoned artist react to such ephemera? In the video below, New York composer David Del Tredici shares Gotham Glory: Missing Towers, his musical mirage of the two ghosts of 9/11 that loom over Ground Zero.

Like so many composers born in the 1930's, Del Tredici's music has spanned both the expressive, gnarled sounds of serialism and the tranquility of tonality. But it would be difficult to assert that his spirit hasn't shined through whichever style he's adopted throughout his 50 plus-year career.

Watch Del Tredici perform his deeply personal Missing Towers, and describe the anatomy of and impetus behind the work.

David Del Tredici and Gotham Glory: Missing Towers appear courtesy of Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., an Imagem Company.