The Return of Scarves

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The weather, it seems, has finally broken and the Fall is truly upon us. Hooray Autumn!! All the various ensembles are starting back up post summer hiatuses, we get to enjoy un-iced coffee, and I personally can start ramping up for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I enjoy the holidays, and I’ve just found out that two of my close friends are playing this season’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular (my not-so-guilty pleasure; the first 15 minutes of that thing truly justify its being called a spectacular. Plus: boozy slushies with light-up swizzle sticks and 3-D and live camels and the Rockettes.) Everything’s gonna be fine.

So this week, we’ll celebrate brisk weather, the return of scarves, hot drinks and new seasons with some bright, colorful pieces. Pierre Boulez, Steve Reich, David Lang, Sofia Gubaidulina! This week’ll be a good one. Let’s get back to it! Also, let me know what puts you in a back-to-work/school mood. Is it Helmut Lachenmann? 

Oh! And check out this crazy cimbalom-cam view of the soloists' entrance in Boulez’s hands-down coolest 6-instruments-with-live-processing concerto. 

Happy New (School) Year, everyone!!