Happy Birthday 2 Us!

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I am pretty astonished that Q2 Music is turning two this coming Sunday! It seems like so recently that we folks sat down in a room and brainstormed about the ideal internet locale for all things new and awesome. On the other hand, looking at all of the great Q2 Music content, the hundred-some live concerts, the great shows we've developed and the fabulous guests we've had, I'm shocked we've been able to cram all that into a mere two years! So I guess our being age two feels just about right.

This week, we'll celebrate our birthday with a re-airing of the first festival we ever hosted: Maximum Reich. It seems only appropriate, given Steve Reich's 75th birthday falls on Monday, and our 2nd the following Sunday. So we'll revisit all thing's Reich, from It's Gonna Rain to WTC 9/11. It'll be a week of phasing and pulsing, not to mention old-school (um, is two years ago old school??) hosting from yours truly.

So grab a seat and get ready for Maximum Reich! Steve Reich is one of the most influential, impactful composers of the past 50 years. Join Steve Reich and us in celebration as we pledge many, many more years of serving your new-music needs.