Dance to the Music

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This week on The New Canon, we tango with composer-violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain (aka DBR) and director D.J. Mendel about the collision of music and dance. Join the conversation in the window below or via Twitter with the hashtag #q2new. Want to get a head start? Leave your questions in the comments below and we'll address them at the top of the chat.

If you've ever seen violinist DBR in performance—or performance shots like the one to the left of this sentence—you know that he plays with a fluidity of movement entirely his own and utterly captivating. Music demands a certain level of movement, whether you're performing or listening (head-bobbers of the world unite!). And sometimes that gets taken to the next level with deliberate compositions and choreography. It's happening for everyone from Radiohead to Gorecki at BAM this season.

Included in that mix is Symphony for the Dance Floor, a brainchild of DBR and a slew of artists just as likely to dally with four-on-the-floor house music as they are to be found two-on-the-aisle at the opera house. With DBR and Symphony director D.J. Mendel in the chat this week, we go further into this balance, asking: What happens when music and movement collide? And, in that partnership, who leads?