Discovering The New, Newer and Newest

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It's pledge drive time beginning Tuesday at Q2 Music and we're offering the best of the best as thanks for supporting our New-Music Experiment. Listen all week for the sounds that help define our station: from John Adams to Missy Mazzoli and perhaps some newly discovered favorites in between.

Part of what makes listening to Q2 Music stream so engaging (we hope!) is the combination of new and newer. We embrace the discovery of your next favorite composer and hope the juxtaposition of the new-music warhorse and the recently written offers an exciting framework for hearing our musical world.

But don't take our word for it. Listen up!

We have tried-and-true Q2 Music favorites like Alvin Curran, John Adams (both Luther and Coolidge) and Eleonor Sandresky co-mingling with new works by Marco Stroppa, Simon Rackham, Benjamin Broening and Tristan Murail.

If you're into what you hear, support our efforts all week and weekend starting this Tuesday, October 18. Many thanks!

Monday Playlist | Stream Above On-Demand Starting Monday

Missy Mazzoli: Isabelle Eberhardt Dreams Of Pianos - Kathleen Supove, piano
Sean Shephard: Preludes - Xak Bjerken, piano
Marco Stroppa: Tangata Manu - Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano
John Luther Adams: Four Thousand Holes - Stephen Drury, piano; Scott Deal, percussion