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Steve Reich has taken over our website. For each of the seven (plus one) days of Maximum Reich, Q2 Music reveals a new portrait of Reich from those with deeply personal connections to the man and his music.

Each post offers a privileged insight into the legacy of Steve Reich. We hear from fellow composers, devoted musicians and Grammy-winning ensembles, conductors and a former member of Steve Reich and Musicians. Check back in each day, as we light another candle of tribute to this icon of contemporary music.  

David LangThursday, December 10th

David Lang, composer

One of my high-school jobs was as a stock boy in a classical music record store. A perk of this job was that I got great discounts on records... More »

Nico MuhlyFriday, December 11th

Nico Muhly, composer

Writing about Steve Reich’s music feels like writing about a family member or a childhood friend: there are too many stories... More »

Lee RanaldoSaturday, December 12th 

Lee Ranaldo, member of Sonic Youth

Steve Reich’s music first came to my attention during my university years in the mid '70s. I was beginning to find my own way into a life in music... More »

Evan ZiporynSunday, December 13th

Evan Ziporyn, composer / member of Steve Reich and Musicians

I'm not a first -- or even second -- generation Reichian: I was still in grade school in the late '60s when the Bob, Russ, etc. were taking the bus... More »

Brad LubmanMonday, December 14th

Brad Lubman, conductor

I first met Steve Reich in January 1995. Bang on a Can had started a chamber orchestra for which I was the conductor... More »

Tuesday, December 15th

So Percussion, New York-based new music ensemble

The members of So Percussion spend a lot of time and energy performing Steve Reich’s music. His contributions to percussion music loom... More »

Maya BeiserWednesday, December 16th

Maya Beiser, cellist

Steve Reich once told me: “The musicians who can play my music with the right rhythmical feel are being born now…” More »

David HarringonThursday, December 17th

David Harrington, violinist / Artistic Director, Kronos Quartet

1985 (I guess it must’ve been) was the first time I sat down with Steve Reich to ask him to write for Kronos... More »

Eighth BlackbirdBONUS post

eighth blackbird, new music ensemble

Steve Reich has graciously allowed me to share a few emails from his correspondence with eighth blackbird... More »