Notes from the Road: Wish You Were Here

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Hey friends! I'm on a plane, tapping this out mid-boarding. We're flying from Keflavík, Iceland back to JFK. I've been in various locales for the past couple of weeks (South Carolina, Frankfurt, Reykjavík, Brooklyn) and will continue to travel for the next couple weeks.

I boarded this plane on the early side, and my thumb-typing keeps on getting happily interrupted by smiley people from the Iceland Airwaves Festival, where I've been performing with various outfits for the past few days. Some of these kids I knew before and some are new friends. This flight is literally stuffed with lovely, musical people.

While I'm taking this tiny break from hosting, just to stay in touch (as I strive to be EVER the thoughtful correspondent, smiley-face) I've been sending back little audio postcards to Q2 Music every few days or so. This week, during our second-ever pledge drive (hey parenthetical friends: speaking of the pledge drive!! Check out Porter Anderson's matching gift. This is a SUPER AWESOME opportunity to make your gift really count! That is all), we'll be plopping them into the stream. If you like them, let me know, and I'll keep on sending you little "notes from the road."

The pic above is from one of my favorite Airwaves moments, when a performance of Ben Frost's piece Six Guitars was so incredibly amazing that it shorted all the electricity in the venue where it was being performed. There's more about that in the audio postcards, below.

Audio Postcard #1 from Columbia, South Carolina (outside Starbucks!)

Audio Postcard #2 en route to Iceland for Airwaves Festival

Audio Postcard #3 from Frankfurt, Germany for Frankfurt Book Fair

Audio Postcard #4 leaving Iceland (waiting at airport)


Also! Check out this video someone took of my performance of Nico Muhly's Period Instrument from the same venue, Kaffibarinn.