Beyond the Liszt List

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Pipedreams continues our Franz Liszt Bicentennial tribute from last week with original scores and arrangements by Liszt and others that further realize the pipe organ’s promethean potential.

Program Details:

FRANZ LISZT (arranged by Guillou): Prometheus [1850-55] –Jean Guillou (Tamburini-Zanin/Naples Conservatory, Italy) Philips 480 0989.

LISZT (arranged by Guillou): Orpheus [1853-54] –Cherry Rhodes (2003 Dobson/Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles, CA) Delos DE 3346.

LISZT (arranged by Geffert): Valée d’Obermann, from Annnées de Pélerinage-Suisse [1855] –Johannes Geffert (1977 Kuhn/Hofkirche St. Leodegar, Luzern, Switzerland) Querstand CD-0313.

LISZT: Hosannah [1862]–András Virágh (1991 Váradi/Cathedral of Pécs, Hungary) Hungaroton CD-131701-05.