Either/Or: Live from Miller Theatre

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The 2011 SONiC Festival featured some of the most acclaimed ensembles on the new-music scene performing the work of over 100 composers age 40 and under. This selection, recorded on October 17 at Columbia University's Miller Theatre, featured the Either/Or Ensemble. The group performed works by Raphaël Cendo, Hans Thomalla, Richard Carrick, Erin Gee, Keeril Makan and also offered the U.S. premiere of Jonny Greenwood's smear.

Founded in 2004 by pianist/composer Richard Carrick and percussionist David Shively, Either/Or has garnered a reputation for programming adventurous concerts which highlight everything from American experimental music to the European avant-garde, all featuring unusual instrumentation. In typical style, this particular concert included a work by IRCAM composer, Raphaël Cendo, Rome Prize-winner Erin Gee playing both the role of composer and soloist in her own piece and closed with Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood's smear which featured the electronic sounds of the ondes martenot played by Marie Bernard and Estelle Lemire.




SONiC Festival Program: October 17, 2011
Extended Play from Miller Theatre


Raphaël Cendo: In Vivo part I

Hans Thomalla: Piano Counterpart

Richard Carrick: "a cause de soleil" Flow Trio

Erin Gee: Mouthpiece I / Yamaguchi Mouthpieces / Akiguchi Mouthpiece

Keeril Makan: Resonance Alloy

Jonny Greenwood: smear°

°denotes US premiere