The Bassoon-er State

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This week on The New Canon, we tread into forbidden territory with the bassoon, championed by bassoonist Rachael Elliott and composer Padma Newsome. Though it has an undeserved bad rap, the bassoon can be beguiling, sonorous, nuanced and a vivid vehicle for music. Fresh off of her most recent new release and NYC appearances, Rachael Elliott talks about bringing glory back to an instrument that composer and music critic Cecil Gray once described as the "Gorgonzola" of musical instruments, "a figure of fun."

With Elliott and Polka the Elk and Clogs cohort, composer Padma Newsome, we talk more about the bassoon party and answer the question: What does the bassoon have that other instruments don't? We'll also hear a generous sample of Elliott's recent album and Q2 Music Album of the Week Polka the Elk, along with some other bassoon works from the recent canon. All stories told, we'll hear music by David Lang, Padma Newsome, Paul Hindemith and Marjan Mozetich.

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