Too Raucous for Radio?

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There must be some deep-seated, funny, psychologically-sound logic behind the release of big-budget disaster films during the hottest months. For whatever reason, there seems no more appropriate course of action these days than watching explosions and zombie-slayings, riding roller coasters and eating absurd fried things. Summer is a season of excess, and this week’s show features bombastic, over-the-top, Micheal Bay-esque music.

This week will afford us the opportunity to play all manner of things often considered "too raucous for radio." We’ll hear from eccentric Icelandic-German-Swedish composer Jon Leifs who writes music evocative of natural disasters. We’ll hear music inspired by Greek myth (with omigod a giant ratchet) and music written as a surround-sound cautionary tale, warning of the excesses of the Roman Empire.

This week, tune in for fireworks and fairy tales, myths and monsters: it’s time for bombastic music on Q2! What’s your favorite totally over-the-top piece of music?

Check out composer John Corigliano introducing his massive concert band work Circus Maximus below!