Unsilent Night: A Holiday Cacophony

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New York has wonderful holiday traditions, but maybe none so awesome as Unsilent Night, Phil Kline's piece essentially for holiday carolers holding boomboxes who form an amorphous, directional sound sculpture on the streets of New York City, or indeed whichever of the 26 urban areas this wonderful tradition has spread to inhabit. I caught up with Phil for a lovely interview about Unsilent Night, the holidays in general, and many other topics, including his soon-to-be-premiered work Peregrine. You can check out the audio above!

This is a wonderful season to be in the city, but also, it's a wonderful season to be just about anywhere. This week, we took a cue from Phil and are exploring all manner of festive music. People get more and more creative with their traditions every year. So mull something already, tune in, and get your new-music holiday on!! What's your favorite holiday tradition? What's your favorite holiday music?