Unsilent Night 2012: On foot and Online

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This year you can participate in the moving sound sculpture that is Phil Kline's Unsilent Night by simply streaming Q2 Music. When the electronic caroling party begins Saturday at 7 pm, EST, you can tune in to Q2 Music via your iPhone or from the comfort of your own apartment.

Precisely when Kline says "Hit Play!" to the participants in Washington Square Park, Q2 Music will stream the Cantaloupe Records release of Unsilent Night. The event will then make its way to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

Last year, host Nadia Sirota spoke with composer, erstwhile radio host and boombox impresario Phil Kline about the 20th anniversary of Unsilent Night and his forthcoming boombox piece, Peregrine. You can hear that entire interview, along with selections of his other music, here

Below is the route for this year's Unsilent Night. But whether you're cuing your boomboxes and iPhones along the parade or wish to stream Unsilent Night from your home computer speakers, you can join the sonic community in this march for new music.

Watch a video of Unsilent Night's 20th Anniversary.



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