Queue the Audience?

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There is a disturbing new trend on Broadway--and I’m not talking about turning movies into shows or juke box musicals.

It is this new habit of audiences forming a line to enter to the theater. When did this start? What is it for? It’s not General Seating, you have a ticket for a specific seat, so what is the purpose?

I understand the line for the TKTS Booth. That make sense, but not at the theater.

I think it must be mostly tourists who are trying to be nice and orderly. I am normally a big fan of nice and orderly, but not in this case. I saw my first Broadway show in the 1970’s, have seen hundreds since, have never once stood on line to get in the theater and I don’t plan to start now!

Think of any movie you’ve ever seen about Broadway. There is something traditional, exciting, even romantic about an unorganized mass of theater patrons huddling under the marquee siphoning into these landmark buildings.

How about you? Do you stand in line for a Broadway show--or will you stand with me in protest?