Sing Theory

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I love the way radio brings music directly to the listener. Gigantic symphonies can become an intimate experience; a full opera is staged in the imagination of each listener; great performers play for you as you sit comfortably at home or in your car. It's a beautiful way to experience music, but it's not a substitute for attending a live performance. The experience of the living, breathing moment music is made, in the presence of the musicians and other listeners, adds another dimension altogether.

Usually I present music on the radio, but this month I've curated 22 concerts at The Stone, running from December 16 through 29. The Stone is an intimate Lower East Side venue run by composer John Zorn. It's set up for focused listening; no food or drink.

The "Sing Theory" concert series features musicians who subtly, insistingly and creatively expand the potential of song. These are mostly musicians I've encountered through my WNYC radio show Spinning On Air. By investing songs with both heart and brain, and by tapping into the alchemy of the understandable and the mysterious, these daring songwriters prove that the ancient combination of words and music can still yield surprises, open new vistas, and permit and promote profound communication.

The Stone is located at the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street, Manhattan, New York City. For more information on the series (Dec. 16-29) and performers at The Stone, please click here. Proceeds benefit the performers. I will perform on December 17th and 25th.

On this Sunday's Spinning On Air, I'll feature music by some of the "Sing Theory" participants.

Earlier in the day Sunday, December 13, beginning at 3:00PM on WQXR 105.9, we'll combine the virtues of live performance and radio when I host the live broadcast of Handel’s Messiah from Trinity Church. The Trinity Choir and the Trinity Baroque Orchestra will perform with guest conductor Jane Glover.