Dual Nature with Rachel Barton Pine and Mohammed Fairouz

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This week on The New Canon, we tango with violinist Rachel Barton Pine and composer Mohammed Fairouz to talk about a preponderance of pairs in music from composer and soloist to birth and death, all while wondering: Why does even great solo music demand at least two participants?

Maybe it's the cold weather, but it's easy to get philosophical this time of year, and lately I've been thinking a lot about duality. In the music world we suffer no shortage of potent pairings: Bell and Denk, itsnotyouitsme, David Finckel and Wu Han… But beyond the people we see onstage, there are other doubling-ups. Programming themes love to balance opposing ideals, and even in a solo setting there's still the combination of composer and performer or performer and audience (does that give us two pair?).

With that in mind, we catch up this week with violinist Rachel Barton Pine and composer Mohammed Fairouz and talk to both Rabout the collaborative effort at work in their partnership, and about balance and dichotomy, this week while hearing their music in action.

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