A Musical Movable Feast

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On Thursday evening, I attended a lovely evening of chamber music in Soho at a restaurant (and former auto-repair shop) called the Antique Garage. The evening started with cocktails, followed by Mozart's Duo for Violin and Viola played by the terrific violinist Stefan Jackiw and violist Emily Daggett Smith. After that dinner was served.

A Kodaly duo was next on the agenda, followed by dessert, then Schubert and finally more mingling.

The music was curated and hosted by Julia Villagra who runs Tertulia, a new organization whose goal is to bring professional chamber music to a variety of informal venues around the city, including restaurants, caf├ęs and wine bars.

I spoke to Ms. Villagra, founder and artistic director of Tertulia. She told me why chamber music can benefit from informal surroundings. Listen above.