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The New Canon takes a break from the virtual listening party this week but will see you in the chat room next week.

While I'm out of town this week, I thought it would be only apt to aim the Canon at composer Eve Beglarian. In a ridiculously cool project a few years in the making, Eve has taken one of her own recent trips—a four-month journey down the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca, Minnesota, to New Orleans—and turned it into a sprawling musical work entitled River Project. The composition will be presented at Abrons Art Center this month, and brings everyone from violinist Mary Rowell to Newspeak to Taylor Levine into the water.

In celebration of that and to cure your mid-January blahs with a bit of wanderlust, we'll set sonic sail with Eve this week moving from chilly, northern works down to more balmy and heady music. As we move downriver, weigh in: What's your favorite work of music that captures a specific place?