Ecstatic Electricity with Christopher Tignor

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On The New Canon this week, we chat with composer and Slow Six bandleader Christopher Tignor in advance of his performance with the genre-bending Ecstatic Music Festival, begging the question: Do we really need to distinguish between Indie Rock and Indie Classical?

Last year's Ecstatic Music Festival was the bee's knees and the dog's bollocks, combining music from the independently-fueled classical and rock spheres and creating a veritable who's who of the New York music scene. The idea was simple: Showing the connective tissue between these two seemingly disparate genres, but when you really chewed on all that was on offer, you started to wonder if there was more tissue than negative space and whether or not we really needed to distinguish between the two forms. 

One of the champions of such world-rocking questions is Christopher Tignor, a composer and bandleader of Slow Six who rocks out classical and brings some epic symphonic measures to rock. With the return of EMF (including a show on Feb 9 with string orchestra A Far Cry and post-rock powerhouse This Will Destroy You), we pull Christopher into the Canon.

In related Ecstatic news, be sure to attend Q2 Music's upcoming Ecstatic Music Festival 2012 Preview, Wednesday, Feb. 1st at 7 pm in The Greene Space.

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