Poll: Your Favorite Minimalist Composer

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A few months after the classical-music world celebrated the 75th birthday of composer Steve Reich (Oct. 3, 2011), another major New York Minimalist composer took the spotlight on Tuesday. Philip Glass's 75th is being marked by premieres, album releases and tribute concerts.

Of course, most composers commonly called Minimalists have rejected the label at one point or another, suggesting that it pigeonholes music that is far more complex and embracing. They certainly don't see themselves as part of a school, despite some shared roots that began with a backlash against post-War modernism (there's also an international component to Minimalism, which extends to names like Arvo Pärt and Michael Nyman -- a whole other kettle of fish).

Nevertheless, there are some aesthetic similarities worth considering. So we want to know what you think: which of the following composers is your favorite?  Take our poll and leave a comment below.