Post-Minimalism For A Post-Celebration

Honoring Philip Glass's recent 75th by exploring the fertile ground of his influence

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Monday, February 06, 2012

The champagne may be flat but we're still riding the celebratory wave of birthday boy Philip Glass's 75th by exploring the fertile genre of post-minimalism that he helped inspire. Tune in this week at 11 am and pm for reworkings, reinventions and revampings of Glass-brand minimalism.

Last week there was a nice cross-current of influence here at Q2 Music. We celebrated Glass's birthday with a premiere Webcast of his Ninth Symphony and also hosted a preview concert for the second annual Ecstatic Music Festival live at the Greene Space. Hearing that performance at the Greene Space is in many ways hearing the far-reaching impact of Glass's most rudimentary musical tenets, but what's remarkable is how uniquely these tenets have been recast.

This is the music you'll hear this week. We'll frame each program with a brief piano piece from Glass and quickly turn to music that is related to, but almost unrecognizable from, the Glass style. Kind of like distant third cousins. Possibly half removed. On Monday we'll hear music of Marti Epstein, Stephen Scott (a bowed piano piece Music One for Bowed Strings that is not to be missed!) and an enormous work by William Duckworth called The Time Curve Preludes.

Later in the week catch post-minimalist masterpieces by Ingram Marshall, Kyle Gann and John Luther Adams, along with up-and-comers Jacob Cooper, Andy Akiho and Eliot Britton.

Hosted by:

Conor Hanick

Comments [2]

Hey Joseph. Thanks for your note.

I will absolutely heed your advice and seek out some Kamran Ince. Stay tuned!

Feb. 10 2012 02:06 AM
Joseph Marcus from paris


Your post minimalism program sounds promissing. However, I have a recomendation to make, Kamran Ince, an American post minimalist (and more) composer from Turkish origins, whose music is highly original and breathtaking. Now, since I have never heard you playing him, your program will be the ideal oportunity to start airing his music. I am looking forward to hearing as many post minimalists works as possible, Kamran Ince's included!



Feb. 07 2012 05:27 PM

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