What the Jobless Number Drop Means

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Friday, February 10, 2012

The unemployment line at the FDR memorial in Washington, D.C. (Kate Ure/flickr)

This week starts with a follow-up to last week’s conversation with New York Times business reporter James B. Stewart about tax rates and we’ll hear about the man who pays taxes at a rate greater than 100 percent.

Then Stewart looks at the recent unemployment report, which showed the number of jobless Americans dropping in January. It was a surprise and Stewart talks about the report’s implications.

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The Baron

Since Mr. Stewart works for The NY Times, he has to say that "(T)he recent unemployment report ... showed the number of jobless Americans dropping in January. " Others not so constrained or brain-addled by the same liberal mindset (i.e., the majority of sane Americans) are aware that in compiling unemployment statistics the government doesn't take into account those who have simply given up looking for work. Using this absurd method of computation, it would follow that if all of the unemployed stopped looking for a job the unemployment rate would be zero. Mr. Obama, of course, would take the credit for the "achievement," as well he should.

BTW, it is distressing to see that even after The Times dumped WQXR as a money loser, the station still seems to have the same symbiotic relationship with the paper, like an orphan still yearning for the love of his mother after being abandoned by her. Why not just make a clean break of it, folks?

Feb. 10 2012 05:17 AM

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