This Will Destroy You, Slow Six and A Far Cry

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On February 9, 2012 the Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall juxtaposed the Boston-based string orchestra A Far Cry with post-rockers This Will Destroy You, composer/violinist Christopher Tignor and his instrumental rock group Slow Six.

The conductorless A Far Cry opened the show with an energetic take on Reich's Triple Quartet before joining electro-acoustic composer Tignor for a collaborative strings-and-live-electronics take on his Thunder Lay Down in the Heart. The second set continued with Tignor's band Slow Six, whose meditative minimalist rhythms and post-rock slow builds were supported perfectly by Tignor's string arrangements, delivered by A Far Cry.

Influenced by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and David Bowie, This Will Destroy You is well-known for its effects-laden guitar sounds and simple, ambient melodies. The instrumental group's large-scale sound, made even larger with support from the string orchestra, rounded out the evening.