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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Music Director Alan Gilbert and Composer-in-Residence Magnus Lindberg are taking the New York Philharmonic somewhere it hasn't gone before with CONTACT!, a new series featuring world premieres from seven composers on the international contemporary music scene.

The first concerts take place tonight at Symphony Space and December 19 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and feature New York Philharmonic commissions from Marc-André Dalbavie, Arthur Kampela, Arlene Sierra, and Lei Liang. The second series debuts in April and will spotlight composers Nico Muhly, Matthias Pintscher, and Sean Shepherd.

Q2 is celebrating the New York Philharmonic’s commitment to living composers with multiple broadcasts of both inaugural concerts, as well as with a special focus on the music of the seven featured CONTACT! composers. Listen to Q2 on iTunes or here to explore the sonic worlds of these new, exciting composers.

Q2 will also host a forum of reactions to CONTACT! from the many New York new music bloggers attending the event. Check here to read their reactions.

Hear the first CONTACT! broadcast this Tuesday, December 22 at 7PM with an encore presentation Sunday, December 27 at 2PM and hear more from the CONTACT! composers all this week and next on Q2.

Marc-Andre DalbavieMarc-André Dalbavie's compositions have been performed world-wide for over 20 years. His pursuit of discovering new colors in music brought him to the Paris Conservatory to study composition, and later conducting with Pierre Boulez. He's composed for symphony orchestras around the world, crafting his music for the ensembles and concert spaces where his works are performed.

Listen to an excerpt from Dalbavie's Rocks Under the Water with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra:

Hear the full interview between Linberg and Dalbavie, as recorded live at Symphony Space:

Arlene SierraArlene Sierra's music has been performed all over the world by top-caliber groups like the Tokyo Philharmonic and London Sinfonietta. Upcoming projects include premieres of a piano concerto with Huw Watkins and the BBC National Orchestra in Wales, and her first opera, Faustine. Sierra has studied with composers Oliver Knussen and Louis Andriessen.

Watch Arlene Sierra describe her piece in this video from the New York Philharmonic »

Hear the full interview between Lindberg and Sierra, as recorded live at Symphony Space:

Arthur KampelaArthur Kampela is recognized equally as a composer and virtuoso guitarist from Brazil. His compositions revolve around crossing genres with forms like samba, jazz, musical theater, and contemporary styles, and he has also developed new playing techniques for various acoustic instruments.

Watch Arthur Kampela describe his piece in this video from the New York Philharmonic »

Listen to an excerpt of Kampela's Nosturnos perfromed by pianist Jenny Lin:

Hear the full interview between Lindberg and Kampela, as recorded live at Symphony Space:

Lei LiangLei Liang not only researches and preserves traditional Asian music, but has received commissions from groups like the Taipei Chinese Orchestra and Chamber Music America, as well as the Ying and Shanghai Quartets. He has composed for pianist Stephen Drury and pipa virtuoso Wu Man, and also teaches at the University of California, San Diego.

Listen to an excerpt of Liang's Gobi Gloria performed by the Ying Quartet:

Hear the full interview between Lindberg and Liang, as recorded live at Symphony Space:

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Comments [8]

Henry Adler from new york

Having been an ardent listener, and previous contributor to QXR (after WNCN's demise) I must tell you that your current drive turns off a great many people, myself included.
Money is tight, we all know that, and public radio is hit by that as well. are overdoing your begging, pleading, collecting, to the point that I prefer, as I'm sure many others do as well, to sit in silence instead of enjoying "good" music. My music now consists of street noise via open window, in preference to your constant appealing.

May. 21 2010 01:27 PM

And, speaking of archives, just go look at, where WBGO has a large number of VIDEOCASTS archived.

WBGO would not fill up one corner of one room at WNYC/WQXR.

This failure can not be understood.

Apr. 30 2010 04:11 PM

This lack of archives is not good. Listeners, and I am am an avid listener, cannot always be available when something is originally streamed or when the programmers decide to put it into the daily mix.

I would like to know WHY there is no archive.

Just look what is going on for Jazz, from especially WBGO, at I can go there - and I do - and listen to concerts that are quite old. I can take five or six full hearings to decide if I want to buy that music and support those artists.

The mission of PubRadio in music is to get the listener to become a member and also a buyer of the music to directly support the artists and composers. When you archive, you are fulfilling that mission. When you do not archive (thank you, Ms Dinnerstein), you do not fulfill that mission.

Apr. 30 2010 04:06 PM

Unfortunately, we are not permitted to archive the music from the second CONTACT! concert for on-demand streaming. However, through Wednesday, May 5th we will be playing the 3 world premieres throughout each day on Q2. Thanks for asking!

Apr. 30 2010 03:20 PM

Where are the archived music files from the most recent concert with Nico Muhly???

Apr. 29 2010 09:47 AM
Paul Epstein from Lower Manhattan

Great concert. All 4 pieces were interesting on their own, and different enough to provide some variety to the listener.

To Q2 Web Writers: Next time, please put at least the NAMES of the pieces on the CONTACT! main page, as some of them were a little hard to pick up in the webcast. Even better would have been the name plus a few sentences on each piece--not full program notes--one could read as the piece starts. Nice to have the lengthier interviews and other samples of the composers' music, but cannot take advantage of that during the concert webcast. Having a little written material on each piece on the CONTACT! main page or an obvious click away will simulate the concert experience a little more for those of us who want that at home.

Dec. 27 2009 03:33 PM
Jeremy Zilar from brooklyn, ny

I have a feeling it was Marc-André Dalbavie.
All of the other composers sound great as well. Thank you for sharing!

Dec. 27 2009 02:43 PM
Jeremy Zilar from brooklyn, ny

I am listening to CONTACT! right now, on Sunday Dec 27 at 2:30pm. Can you please tell me what composer and what piece we are listening to? It just finished up at 2:34pm, there was a brief interview and then we started in with another fantastic work. Though, I would love to know what the previous piece was.

Thank you for presenting this concert. This is the best music I have heard in many years.

Dec. 27 2009 02:38 PM

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