Big Beautiful Dark and Polyphonic

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There will be no live chat this week. We'll see you after Q2 Music's American Mavericks month in April with a tasty new format.

I love bringing you new music. And by that I mean music that's new to your ears, not just music that's new in relation to the classical canon (though the two aren't mutually exclusive). With so much piling up in my mailbox these days, it's hard to argue that music in any form is dead. And we rely in part on all of you fabulous listeners to keep it alive.

So with that in mind and as our Winter Fund Drive gets underway, we're serenading you with three such new releases. There's this week's Album of the Week, the Bang on a Can All-Stars's Big Beautiful Dark and Scary, and we continue the darkness quotient with Schnittke's Violin Sonata No. 1 in a profound new recording by violinist Yevgeny Kutik. And, since we'll be taking a break for the month of March as Q2 Music prepares to go all-Mavericks all the time, what better way to polish off your palates with vocal quartet New York Polyphony and a work whose title translates to "In my end is my beginning"?