19 Composers on What Makes Kronos Kronos

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Over the course of 50+ recordings, countless international appearances, 800 commissions and arrangements and 40 years of music-making, the Kronos Quartet has worked with a list of composers and musicians more mind-blowingly diverse than perhaps that of any other ensemble. Their collaborators range from Chinese pipa virtuoso Wu Man, to Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov, to West African kora virtuoso Foday Musa Suso, to contemporary icons Steve Reich and Osvaldo Golijov, to the growing society of their Under 30 Project including Felipe Pérez Santiago and Mary Kouyoumdjian

In order to gain a better understanding of what makes Kronos so distinctive and how it maintains this blistering pace of discovering, nurturing and presenting new music, we spoke with 19 composers who've worked closely with the quartet. Whether it's those who've been with the quartet since its beginnings (Terry Riley, Ken Benshoof), to those prominent artists who've been drawn into their orbit (Kevin Volans, Donnacha Dennehy), to the youngest generation of emerging voices (Alexandra du Bois, Dan Visconti), everyone below contributes something to the understanding of what makes Kronos so unique and so special.