Mars, Bringer of Music

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Lots of movies have been set on the planet Mars, and quite a few have shown us Martians visiting -- or attacking -- Earth. "John Carter," based on Edgar Rice Burroughs's "Barsoom" books, is the latest film to take us to the red planet. Movies on the Radio premiered Michael Giacchino's music for that film on December 17, 2011.

This week David Garland presents more from Giacchino's score, plus out-of-this-world music from many other Martian movies including "Mars Attacks!," "Mission to Mars," "Rocketship X-M," "Robinson Crusoe On Mars," "Red Planet," "The Martian Chronicles," "Total Recall," "The War of the Worlds" and more -- even the '60s TV sitcom "My Favorite Martian."

When composer Giacchino visited Movies on the Radio in December, listeners were invited to ask him questions. He answered as many as he could at the time, and then kindly followed up and answered the rest of the questions later. Read his responses here.

War of the Worlds (1953) trailer

A 10-minute scene scene from "John Carter"