Bernstein and Copland Discuss American Music

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In this 1950 appearance at Tanglewood, American luminaries Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, Irving Fine and Lukas Foss gathered together around a piano and engaged in a freewheeling and multifaceted examination of what gives American music its special identity.

The composers tackle jazz, 12-tone music, prepared pianos, opera and the provocative notion of an American music. A piano sits at the ready to accompany and punctuate assertions. Later in the hour, WNYC's John Schaefer speaks with Morton Subotnick about his multimedia work Intimate Immensity. Subotnick indulges his love of technology and imagines the point at which humanity makes the leap to a world free of physical interfaces. 

Music heard in this interview includes excerpts from early American composers and Morton Subotnick's Intimate Immensity The Machine, Three exit cues, and The Virtuoso.

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