Fred Sherry: Change Your Ideas About What Music Is

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It is always good to feature the music of our American composers. For me, the American Mavericks series is a chance to play music which is rarely heard on the radio, music on which I have lavished many hours of practice, music by people who were and are my teachers, colleagues and friends.

I think of many of these composers as being part of my musical family: fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, even offspring. This is also a chance for me to share reminiscences about some of the colorful musicians I have worked with.

How does one define a musical maverick? Any way you like! Most composers are mavericks as it is extremely difficult to get inside yourself, bring out the music and then abandon everything to make the music live on the page and beyond the page into that peculiar place where music dwells.

Enjoy not only my shows, but everything played during this festival. Hate the music or love it, but give it a chance to change your ideas about what music is.

Starting March 8, Hear Fred Sherry weekdays from 3-5 PM and 12-2 AM on Q2 Music. For more information on American Mavericks, visit