Maverick Mixtapes: Padma Newsome

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For Maverick Mixtapes, we asked musicians from different musical backgrounds to curate an hour of music that they deemed best fit the ideal of an "American Maverick." Today's featured musician is Australian songwriter and composer Padma Newsome, a founding member of Clogs and a frequent collaborator with Brooklyn-based rock group The National.

"Maverick. An actual maverick might not ever be known well or branded (Samuel Maverick did not brand his cattle) in his/her own time. Historically as below, Cage and Ives may become the center of a movement a short while after their apparent “maverick” behavior. I have chosen mostly song, and word because that’s what I am working on at the moment. I chose the Ives songs because they are not as popular as the works like Central Park in the Dark, similarly the John Cage. (versus 4’33” or Sonatas….)

"I chose the Virgil Thomson because he was somewhat independent in his attitudes towards atonality and electronic music, and a great supporter of the French unbrandable composer, Eric Satie.

"And I chose Moondog because it’s just great music. The same for Thelonius Monk. Sun Ra speaks for himself. The Alvin Lucier because of the wonderful contribution to sound and thought."

 -Padma Newsome


Charles Ives - The CageIn Flanders FieldsEvidenceThe Things our Fathers LovedThe IncantationLike a Sick Eagle

Virgil Thomson - Cattle, from "The Plow That Broke the Plains"Three Antiphonal Psalms (122, 133, 136)

John Cage - Song BooksWilliam's Mix

Thelonius Monk - Crepicscule with NellieThis is my Story, This is my Song 

Sun Ra - Sun Song

Moondog - Be a HoboMaybeBird of ParadiseThe MessageAll is Loneliness

Janis Joplin - All is Loneliness

Alvin Lucier - I Am Sitting In a Room