Listener Poll: Your Suggestions for a Maverick Playlist

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Your music suggestions help constitute the final day, March 30, 2012, of our American Maverick festival. Help our new line-up of hosts, Phil Kline, Fred Sherry, Mary Rowell and Michael Tilson Thomas himself, know what trail-blazing, renegade composers have most impacted you and shattered your preconceptions about what music is.

Send us the titles of some of your favorite music by "maverick" American composers and, if you're so inclined, a few words on what "maverick" means to you, and include them the comments section below. We'll tally the results over the next two weeks.

Here are some definitions to help you along:

  • Maverick (etymology) = an unbranded calf, after Texas rancher Samuel A. Maverick (1803-1870) who refused to brand his cattle.
  • Maverick (vernacular) = someone who makes his makes or his own rules, breaks paradigms, ruffles feathers, blows your mind.
  • American = someone born in America or who has come to call the United States home.
  • Music = organized sound (per John Cage)

Your suggestions will be played on Q2 Music as part of the final day (March 30) of our festival celebrating the maverick spirit in American classical music, so leave your comments while you still can!